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project_management_2Active Trade & Marketing Corporation provides project management services to support your IT department’s day to day operations and to implement new projects.

Corporate IT departments are burdened with issues like; security breaches, virus protection, firewall rules, unscheduled maintainance, hard drive crashes and tech support for mentoring staff and correcting human errors.

IT departments also have to manage with aging equipment and increasing demands under tight budgets. So, its not surprising that many projects and intiatives get delayed, shelved or mothballed all-together.

Active Trade & Marketing helps fast track, innovate, develop and implement IT corporate directives on time and on budget.

We work with your internal IT team to strategize and leverage our IT strengths to implement  best-of-breed/best-of-class solutions with the ultimate goal of enhancing the entire experience within project_management__1your company and with your customers.

Active Trade and Marketing Corporation has worked with the public sector both Federally and Provincially as well non-profits, charities Fortune 500 companies, SME’s and nice markets including Retailers, Plastic Surgeons, Aboriginal Groups, Mining, and Event IT Management.

We work hard to develop a winning corporate culture for your IT team, leverging your IT strategy on proven, market leading solutions that run the planet.

Get Active on your IT Project Management. We are here to assist you, please call or fill out an online enquiry.